7 Time-Saving DIY Tips That Every Home Owner Needs

We're all for simplifying complicated DIY tasks. 

Anything that means you can spend less time working on your home and more time enjoying it is good news to us. And there are LOADS of easy ways to simplify your next DIY project. 

Before you get started on your next home improvement task, check out these time-saving DIY tips that may even save you money!

1. Hang pictures with picture hanging strips

Next time you're hanging a picture, put down your hammer and nails and use VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips instead. They're much quicker and easier than drilling holes into your walls and they simply peel off without leaving any damage when you're ready to take the picture down (read the full tutorial here). 

Picture Hanging Strips 

2. Stick bathroom accessories onto tiles with mounting tape

Drilling into tiles to fit bathroom accessories is risky business - and if you're not a confident DIYer, don't waste money paying for someone else to do it. 

Just use FIX-PRO® Indoor Mounting Tape instead - this strong, double-sided adhesive tape sticks to a variety of surfaces (including tiles) and only takes a couple of minutes to apply. Job done with minimal time and effort! Read the full tutorial here.

Mount Bathroom Accessories Onto Tiles Without Nails

3. Fit smoke alarms to the ceiling with VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Coins

It goes without saying that every home should have at least one smoke alarm. But it's a job that's easy to put off because it takes too long or you're worried about drilling into the ceiling. 

To simplify the job, use VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Coins instead. They're strong enough to hold up your smoke alarm and if you need to change the batteries, you can just peel it off the ceiling. Read the full tutorial here

Fit a Smoke Alarm Without Nails 

4. Hang mirrors and heavy pictures with mounting tape

Bet you didn't think you could hang mirrors and heavy pictures without nails - well, you can! All you need is some FIX-PRO® Extreme Mounting Tape - this double-sided adhesive tape can hold up to 1.55 pounds per square inch and it's much quicker than using nails. 

Hang a Mirror Without Nails 

5. Swap screw-in hooks for stick on hooks

Don't waste time fixing hooks to the wall with nails or screws. VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Removable Hooks are much quicker and easier. Just peel off the backing tape and stick them to a variety of surfaces including tiles and painted walls. Read the full tutorial here.

Stick On Bathroom Hooks 

6. Hang clocks on the wall with mounting tape

There's no need to put a nail in the wall to hang a clock anymore - just stick it up with FIX-PRO® Mounting Tape instead (read the full tutorial here). 

Hang a Clock Without Nails 

7. Hang noticeboards with mounting tape

Need to hang a noticeboard? Don't waste time doing it with nails - stick it to the wall with FIX-PRO® Removable Mounting Tape instead. Instead of a whole afternoon doing DIY, you'll have the job done in minutes!

Hang a Noticeboard Without Nails

Let us know if you try out any of these time-saving DIY tips - we're @VELCROBrandUK on Instagram! And for more easy DIY ideas and tutorials, stay on our blog. 


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