How to Mount Bathroom Accessories on Tiles Without Drilling

We're all for simplifying complicated DIY tasks - why make a DIY project harder and more time consuming than it needs to be?

And since there's nothing more frustrating than trying to attach bathroom accessories to tiles without breaking the tiles with a drill, today we're going to show you the easier way to do it.

Honestly, you'll be amazed how many DIY tasks can be done without drilling, from mounting bathroom accessories on tiles to hanging heavy pictures without nails and installing smoke alarms

Read on to find out how to mount a range of bathroom accessories onto tiles without drilling with FIX-PRO® Mounting Tape and VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Adhesive Hooks.

Easy ways to fix bathroom accessories to tiles without drilling

Towel rails & toilet roll holders

    If you're trying to mount a towel rail or toilet roll holder to a tiled wall, put down your drill and stick it on with FIX-PRO® Indoor Mounting Tape instead. 

    How to Mount Bathroom Accessories on Tiles Without Drilling

    It's SO much easier than drilling and the strong adhesive mounting tape will stick your towel rail or toilet roll holder securely to tiles, glass, metal, wood and plasterboard walls. Plus it gets the job done with minimal effort!  

    How to Attach a Towel Holder to Tiles Without Drilling


    Now to tackle mirrors! Bet you didn't think you could just stick them onto the wall... Well, you can! If you'd rather not drill into your tiles, grab a pack of FIX-PRO® Extreme Mounting Tape and stick it on instead. 

    This mounting tape is made with an extremely strong and durable adhesive and can hold up to 1.55 pounds per square inch - making it perfect for fixing your bathroom mirror to the wall without nails, screws or drilling. 

    How to Mount a Mirror on Tiles Without Nails or Drilling

    Bathroom hooks

    It's always handy to have some hooks in the bathroom for hanging up towels, dressing gowns, shower puffs and other bathroom accessories. But drilling a hole into your tiles to fix a hook to the wall is not exactly ideal. 

    So here's the solution - use VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Adhesive Hooks instead! 

    How to Mount Bathroom Hooks to Tiles Without Drilling

    Each hook is made with a strong, removable or permanent adhesive that sticks securely to a variety of surfaces. And the sleek, simple design will blend in effortlessly with your bathroom décor!

    How to Mount Bathroom Hooks to Tiles Without Drilling

    Use these stick on wall hooks to hang up towels and other bathroom accessories within minutes - with absolutely no need for drilling! 

    And don't just stop at installing adhesive hooks in your bathroom - they'll come in handy all around the house!

    How to Mount Bathroom Hooks to Tiles Without Drilling

    We hope these tips help you mount your bathroom accessories onto tiles with ease - tag @VELCROBrandUK on Instagram if you give it a go! Or stay on our blog for more time-saving home DIY tips:


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    • If using the extreme mounting tape to fix a mirror to a tiled wall are you able to remove the mirror at any point? Eg if the mirror breaks or you just want to change it?


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