How to Create a Stylish Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps

Building a gallery wall is one of the easiest ways to transform a room – and it’s one of the biggest home decorating trends that we’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest this year.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an Instagram-famous interior designer to create the photo gallery wall of your dreams! Read on to find out how to put together a stylish gallery wall WITHOUT NAILS in just six easy steps.

What You’ll Need

How to build a beautiful gallery wall

1. Find an appropriate wall space

The first step is to choose where you want your picture gallery wall to go. Hallways and bedrooms are a popular choice but it’s totally up to you. We’d recommend choosing a fairly large space if you really want your picture wall to make a statement but it’s completely up to you to decide.

Gallery Wall Ideas

2. Pick a theme

Next, pick a theme. Do you want your gallery to be dedicated to family photos? Arty prints? Or maybe you’d like to create a travel gallery wall to display your most treasured travel memories?

A gallery wall is an opportunity to create something completely unique that reflects your passions and style, so have a think about how you want to express yourself.

3. Pick your prints

Now for the fun part – once you’ve chosen a theme for your gallery wall, it’s time to start collecting photos and prints to put on display! We’d recommend collecting more than you need so that you have plenty of options for mixing and matching, and finding the right look.

Photo Gallery Wall Ideas

4. Choose your frames

Next, choose your gallery wall frames! At this point you need to decide how uniform you want your gallery wall to be – do you want all the frames to be the same? Or would you rather go for a mismatched look with different sizes and styles? It’s totally up to you and both options will look equally as stylish!

5. Plan your gallery wall layout

It’s a good idea to plan out the layout before you start hanging things on the wall, so lay everything out on the floor and start experimenting with different layouts! Balance and symmetry are key so start with the largest item and work outwards. And to make sure that each photo stands out, we’d recommend placing the frames about 3cm apart.

6. Hang it up!

Last but not least, hang your photo gallery up on the wall! If you don’t want to put nails in the walls (or you’re not allowed to because you live in rented accommodation), we’d recommend HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips.

They’re the perfect way to decorate without damaging walls, which is ideal for students and renters. And they have a peel tab for easy removal so if you get fed up of your gallery wall layout, it’s easy to swap your pictures around!

Gallery Wall Frame

And that’s it! Check out HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips if you’d like to have a go at creating your own gallery wall. And for more picture hanging tips, stay on our blog!


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