How to Hang Halloween Decorations Without Damaging the Walls

Who else loves going ALL OUT for Halloween?! We're talking spine-chilling decorations, fangtastic costumes, terrifying tunes and all the spooktacular snacks you can eat. There's nothing better than going totally OTT on your Halloween party.

But what's truly terrifying (even more than ghosts and ghouls...) is damaging the walls of your house by sticking up decorations with sticky tape and tack that will peel away your paint.

Luckily, there is a better way to hang your Halloween déco. Read on for a couple of easy ways to decorate damage-free this Halloween.

Halloween decorating ideas that won't damage the walls

Spooky bunting

We love spooky-cute bunting - it's the perfect way to instantly spruce up a room for your Halloween party.

But you needn't damage your walls with sticky tape or pins to hang it - use HANGables® Picture Hanging Squares instead. 

They're strong enough to hold your bunting up and will peel straight off the wall after the party!

Halloween Bunting

Creepy crawlies

Here's an easy way to make your guests' skin crawl! Stick creepy crawlies to the wall with HANGables® Picture Hanging Squares

These stick on picture hanging strips will blend in with the wall, making it look like spiders are crawling along the wall!

Spider Decorations for Halloween


It wouldn't be Halloween without a pumpkin or too and they're a great way to decorate without having to hang anything on the walls! 

For a super easy pumpkin idea, how about sticking cardboard bats to your pumpkin with VELCRO® Brand Dots

Halloween Pumpkin Idea

And that's it! Ready to start planning the décor for your own Halloween party? Shop HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips or stay on our blog for more Halloween ideas! 


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