Make Your Own Halloween Trick or Treat Game

This bright and colourful game is a real treat (or trick) for kids' Halloween parties!

The rules are super simple – each player takes it in turns to pull a Halloween character off the game board to reveal if they’ve won a Trick or a Treat…whatever the trick or treat is we shall leave up to you!

All you need is some cardboard and a pack of VELCRO® Brand Dots so read on to find out how to make it!

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

This Halloween game for kids is super easy to make - and great fun to play in the run-up to Halloween when things start getting spookier and spookier! 

All you need is some basic craft supplies (which you'll probably already have at home) and a pack of VELCRO® Brand Dots. You don't need to be super creative to make this DIY game either as we've thrown in some printable templates for you to download and print for free! 

To start making your trick or treat game, you will need:

  • VELCRO® Brand Dots
  • A selection of coloured cardboard
  • Scissors or a craft knife with a cutting mat
  • Glue
  • Sheet of thick A2 card
  • Optional – An old picture frame (if you do use a picture frame then make sure your thick card fits in it) 
  • A set of templates which you can download here

How to make a DIY trick or treat game

Step 1

Start by printing out the character templates. Then cut them out and use them to trace the shape of each character onto coloured card. 

Halloween Trick or Treat Game Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Step 2

The next step of making your Halloween game is so easy - simply glue all the piece of each template together! 

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Step 3

Repeat this until you've cut out and stuck each character together. Make sure you cut out the stars and letters too!

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Step 4

Then cut out the templates to stick on the back of each character - you should have one outline per character. 

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Step 5

Now to start assembling your trick or treat game! On a large piece of card, arrange the characters and the title until they're in the position you want them. Then glue the letters in place. 

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Step 6

Next, take the corresponding background piece and glue each one to the large piece of card. 

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Step 7

Next, for each character and outline take one set of VELCRO® Brand Dots (one hook and one loop).

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Step 8 

Place the pair together and then stick onto the outline piece.

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Step 9

Then carefully line up the coloured character with its white partner so all the white is hidden, press the character down firmly onto the VELCRO® Brand Dot.

Halloween Trick or Treat Game

Step 10

Repeat this process with each character. Then frame the game and hang it up on the wall. Or if you are not using a frame, stick to the wall!

Step 11

Last but not least, challenge any one who dares to play the game!


Halloween Trick or Treat Game


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