How to Make a DIY Hand Sanitiser Holder


As the world tries to slow the spread of COVID-19, keeping your hands clean while you’re on the go is more important than ever.

Follow our quick and easy tutorial to find out how to make a DIY hand sanitiser holder for your purse, bag or backpack. This homemade hand gel holder clips easily onto your bag with a key chain to make sure you always have a bottle of hand sanitizer to hand when you need to wash your hands on the go!

How to Make a DIY Hand Sanitiser Holder

Watch our video tutorial or read our step-by-step instructions to find out what to do!

What you need

What to do

1) Make a template and cut your material

This hand sanitiser holder tutorial can be adapted to fit ANY SIZE bottle so start by creating a template that you will use to cut your fabric to the right size. Draw around your hand gel bottle with a pencil and then draw another outline 1/2 inch all the way around it. Round off the corners and cut it out. Repeat twice.

Next, fold another piece of fabric in half and fold down the long flap on your paper template. Use this to cut out another piece of fabric. When you’ve finished this stage, you should have three pieces of fabric to work with.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Holder Template

2) Sew your hand sanitiser holder together

Now to start sewing! This DIY hand gel holder is easiest to make with a sewing machine but if you don’t have one, a needle and thread works just as well.

Fold and iron a small flap at the bottom of each piece of fabric. Then lay them on top of each other and sew all the way around the edge.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Holder - Sewing

3) Turn it inside out

Once you’ve finished sewing, clip the corners of your hand sanitiser holder and fold it inside out. It helps to use a pen to poke out the corners!

DIY Hand Sanitizer Step 3

4) Attach VELCRO® Brand Stick On for Fabrics Ovals

Slide in a bottle of hand sanitiser and stick one side of a set of ovals to the main body of the hand gel holder and another to the long flap. This will provide a quick and easy fastener.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Holder

5) Attach a key chain

Finally, slide a key chain over the long flap. When the flap is folded over, the key chain will stay in place and make it easy to attach your DIY hand sanitiser holder to your purse or backpack.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Holder with Key Chain

And that’s it! Let us know if you try your hand at this useful craft idea!

DIY Hand Sanitizer Holder Tutorial

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