Keep your linens smelling fresh with this DIY Scented Sachet

Keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh with this DIY scented sachet.

In this easy sewing tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a DIY scented sachet with our VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics Tape.

Perfect for your dresser drawers, the scents can be switched out to go along with the seasons! Lavender, cloves or even oranges, this scented sachet  makes a great gift. Read on to find out what to do:


How to Make a DIY Scented Sachet:


What you’ll need:

Scented Sachet materials

  • (2) 10cm x 20cm pieces of organza fabric
  • (2) 11.5 cm x 23cm pieces of cotton fabric
  • (1) Pack of VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics Tape
  • Dried lavender, rose petals, orange slices, or other dried fragrant herbs
  • Clips or pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


Let’s Get Started:

  1. Start by cutting your fabric.
    Scented Sachet step 1
  2. Then clip or pin the organza fabric together. You’ll want to sew around all three sides, leaving one of the shorter sides open. This is where you’ll add your fragrance.
    Scented Sachet step 2b
    Scented Sachet step 2d
  3. Clip or pin the cotton fabric together, right sides facing. Sew on three sides, leaving one of the shorter sides open.
    Scented Sachet step 3
  4. Turn out and iron the organza and cotton pouch.
    Scented Sachet step 4
  5. Now the fun part! Stuff the organza bag ¾ of the way full with your favorite dried herbs and other scents.
    Scented Sachet step 5aScented Sachet step 5b

Turn the edges inward and sew the pouch closed.Scented Sachet step 5c

  1. Fold in the pouches’ edges and apply a 9cm piece of VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics Tape to the inside of the pouch.
    Scented Sachet step 6a
    Scented Sachet 6b
  2. Place the organza pouch inside the cotton pocket and press the VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics Tape closed.
    Scented Sachet step 7
    Scented Sachet 7b

And that’s it! Put the scented sachet in a drawer to add a fresh scent to your clothes.

If you’d like to try this sewing tutorial yourself, pick up a pack of VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics Tape. And for more easy sewing projects, stay on our blog!


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