How to Make Reusable Mop Pads

In this easy sewing tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a reusable mop pad with our VELCRO® Brand Sew On Tape.

Perfect for dry dusting and wet mopping, this DIY mop pad can be washed and re-used time after time. Forget about buying mop pads from the store and DIY your own! Read on to find out what to do.

How to Make Reusable Mop Pads

What You’ll NeedDIY Reusable MOP PAD

What To Do

First – print and cut out the mop pattern and attach both pieces.DIY Reusable MOP PAD - step 1

Next, fold your hand towel in half (lengthwise) and place the pattern on the fabric. Using a permanent marker, trace your pattern. Then cut it out! Repeat this step with the flannel fabric.DIY Reusable MOP PAD - step 1b

Now comes the fun part! Sew your pieces together, leaving a 1/2 cm inseam and a small gap to turn outDIY Reusable MOP PAD - step 3

Once you’ve sewn the pieces together, turn out your mop pad, and sew your VELCRO® Brand Sew On Tape to the ends of your mop pad. Make sure it closes properly and sew the hook to the opposite side and face of the loop. One side of the fastener should be sewn to the towel side, while the opposite side of the fastener should be sewn to the flannel fabric.DIY Reusable MOP PAD - step 4

Finally, attach your finished reusable mop pad to your mop, and you’re good to go! Happy cleaning!

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