Make A Fun DIY Puzzle Game for Your Kids

Looking for some fun summer holiday activities to keep the kids occupied? Have a go at making your own DIY puzzle game with VELCRO® Brand Dots!

It’s great for pre-schoolers, cheap to make and it’s totally re-usable so it’ll keep your little ones entertained all summer!

Read on to find out what to do!

How to make your own DIY puzzle game

What you need

  • White cardboard (A3 size)
  • Red, blue and yellow cardboard (A4 size)
  • VELCRO® Brand Dots
  • Free printable shape templates
  • Scissors
  • Black marker pen
  • Pencil/ball point pen

DIY Puzzle Game for Kids

What to do

Time to get crafty! Start by downloading these free printable shape templates and cutting them out. (You’ll be using these as a template so you only need to print out one sheet).

DIY Puzzle Game for Kids

Next, use your paper templates to draw a selection of shapes onto an A3 piece of cardboard. It doesn’t matter how many of each shape you have, or what order they go in. Just make it look fun!

DIY Puzzle Game for Kids

Now to make a selection of coloured shapes! Take some coloured cardboard and use a pencil or ball point pen to draw out a selection of squares, circles and pentagons.

DIY Puzzle Game for Kids

Then simply cut them out! You’ll need about ten shapes (depending on how many you draw on your large piece of cardboard).

DIY Puzzle Game for Kids

By now you should be able to see your DIY puzzle game taking shape!

All that’s left to do is stick one half of a VELCRO® Brand Dots on each shape outline, and the other half on the back of each coloured shape. 

DIY Puzzle Game for Kids

Then you’re ready to play! Tag us in a photo on Instagram if you have a go at making this fun DIY puzzle game! And for more clever craft ideas using VELCRO® Brand products, stay on our blog!


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