5 Clever Hacks for Your Next Camping Trip

Getting ready for a camping trip?

Check out these clever ways to use VELCRO® Brand fasteners while camping – you won’t believe how many handy uses they have!

Read on for top camping tips that will make your trip easier from start to finish!

How to use VELCRO® Brand fasteners on a camping trip

Stick your roll mat to the ground mat

If you’re taking a roll mat to sleep on, it can be annoying when it won’t stay in one place. Avoid this by sticking it to your ground mat with VELCRO® Brand Stick On for Fabrics!

Clever Camping Hack
Clever Camping Hack

Roll up your sleeping bag and tent for easy packing

Trying to cram your sleeping bag into a tiny bag can be a nightmare so make packing up easy by wrapping up your sleeping bag and tent with these VELCRO® Brand Stretch Straps.

Clever Camping Hack
 Clever Camping Hack

Wrap up charger cables and headphone wires

There’s nothing more annoying than things getting tangled/messy in your rucksack. So if you’re planning to pack headphones or a portable phone charger, take our advice and wrap up the wires with these VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties so that they’re de-tangled and ready to use as soon as you unpack them.

Clever Camping Hack

Roll up outfits for each day

Deciding what to pack is difficult when you have limited space in your rucksack. So simplify the packing process by wrapping up an outfit for each day with these VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties.

Clever Camping Hack 
And that’s it! We hope these VELCRO® Brand hacks coming in handy for your next camping trip!  For even more camping advice and interesting ways to use VELCRO® Brand fasteners, stay on our blog! 
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