How to Organise Your Car for a Road Trip

Looking forward to your next road trip but dreading the chaos that ensues when you load up the car? Never fear – we’re here with some top car organisation trips to help you keep your cargo under control when you hit the road.

We’ve tackled each part of the car (with particular focus on how to avoid a messy car boot!) so read on to get organised!

Car boot organisation tips

The centre console

Let’s start with the part of the car that’s 100% guaranteed to attract clutter – the centre console. This area should be dedicated to areas that you need easy access to (and nothing else!)

This area shouldn’t be treated like a rubbish bin so try not to keep anything other than the following items in the centre console:

  • Loose change
  • Phone charger
  • Mints/sweets

The glove compartment

Next up is the glove compartment – this area is for useful/important items that you need within easy reach but don’t constantly need to use. To help keep your car organised, try and stick to the following items:

  • Umbrella
  • De-icer
  • Notepad and pen
  • First aid kit
  • Torch
  • Gloves
  • Road map/sat nav
  • Napkins/wipes
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Plastic bags

The car boot

Now to tackle the messiest part of your car – the boot!

Once you start loading everything up, it’s easy for the mess to get out of control. So here’s a handy car boot organisation tip – use STAYHOLD™ Car Boot Organisers to create compartments within your car boot. They grip onto carpet to allow you to make sturdy compartments, which will make loading and unloading the boot much more manageable.

Try and pack items that you’re not likely to need access to until you reach your destination first. Then pack things like clothes, food and drinks last to make sure you’ve got easy access to them when you need them en route.

Car Boot Organisation 

If you’ve got bulky items (like wellies) that are likely to roll around, use these STAYHOLD™ Mini Cargo Organisers and STAYHOLD™ Quick Straps to secure them in place.

Car Boot Organisation

The backs of the seats

Don’t forget that the backs of your car seats can provide valuable extra storage space. Why not use VELCRO® Brand Fabric Tape to stick a fabric bag to the back of the driver/passenger’s seat?

Rubbish disposal

It wouldn’t be a road trip without snacks – but all those wrappers and empty drinks bottles can be the making of a very messy car.

So here’s a handy car organisation tip to keep rubbish under control – turn a plastic cereal container into an in-car rubbish bin by putting a plastic bag inside and keeping it in the foot well of the front passenger’s seat.

Feeling ready for your next road trip? Check out our full range of STAYHOLD™ Car Boot Organisers here or stay on our blog for even more clever life hacks! 


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