Save Space in Your Garage by Hanging These Items on the Wall

Your garage shouldn't just be a dumping ground for all the clutter that you can't fit in your house. But it's really easy for it to get that way. 

We've already talked about ridiculously easy ways to organise your garage but today we're going to hone in on one of the best garage organisation tips: Start using empty wall space as storage space. 

It'll get clutter off the floor and make your garage feel much more organised. Read on to discover which common garage items you can hang on the wall with VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Straps and finally clear the clutter for good. 

Garage Organisation Ideas


Bikes take up a considerable amount of space in your garage (particularly if you have one for each member of the family). So you can instantly create more storage space by hanging them on the wall with a VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Strap that's strong enough to hold the weight of a bike and easy to fasten and unfasten. 

Bike Storage on Garage Wall

Golf clubs

Golf clubs are bulky, heavy and take up loads of space in your garage. Luckily, a VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Strap is strong enough to hang them on the wall of your garage and keep them out of the way! 

Golf Club Storage on Garage Wall


Your ladder is probably one of the biggest items that you'll store in your garage and if you feel like you're constantly moving it around to reach other items, it's time to give it a proper storage space. Find an area of unused wall space and hang your ladder on the wall with a VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Strap

Ladder Storage on Garage Wall

Source: Christine Anderson

Cables & extension cords

Cables are bulky, messy and if you don't store them properly, they're a pain to untangle. So eliminate the mess by wrapping them up with a VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Strap and using the caribiner that's attached to hang it on the wall. 

Cable Organisation on Garage Wall

Source: Christine Anderson

Garden hoses

If your garden hose lies on the floor of your garage once you're finished with it, it's time to tidy it up. Wrap it up with a VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Strap to stop it unravelling and then hang it on the wall. 

Garden Hose Storage

Source: Jamie Tomkins

Bags & suitcases

If you keep bags and suitcases in your garage that you only use a couple of times a year, don't let them clutter your garage the rest of the time. Keep them off the floor by hanging them on the wall with a VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Strap

Rucksack Storage on Wall 

Ready to start organising your garage? Let us know if you try out any of these space-saving tips for your garage! And for more organisation ideas, stay on our blog! 


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