How to Keep Cables Tidy in Every Room of Your House

If messy cables are cluttering up your home, it's time to get them under control!

Unruly wires and cables clutter drawers, floors, desks and worktops, and get so badly tangled that they're impossible to use when you need them. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Thanks to VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties, messy wires and cables can soon be a thing of the past. Read on for nine easy ways to keep cables tidy in every room of your house.

How to keep cables tidy

...In your bedroom

Wrap up your hairdryer cable

You use it almost every day, yet your hairdryer cable probably almost always ends up in a tangled mess. Solve this problem by wrapping it up with VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties and it'll be neat and ready to use whenever you need it.

How to Keep a Hairdryer Cable Tidy

Wrap up your phone charger

Whether you leave your phone charger at home or carry it with you on the go, it can often become tangled amongst other items in your drawer or bag. Solve this problem and have your charger ready to use every time with VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties

How to Keep Phone Chargers Tidy 

...In your office/study

Wrap up headphones

Don't get us started on headphone wires. If you're forever untangling them, wrap them up with VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties before you put them in your pocket or bag and they'll be untangled and ready to use when you need them. 

How to Keep Headphones Tidy

Wrap up excess wire that trails along the floor

Sometimes trailing a wire along the floor is unavoidable but you can minimise the hazard by wrapping up any excess wire with a VELCRO® Brand Cable Tie

How to Keep Cables Tidy

...In your garage

Wrap up power tool cables

Chances are your garage is a haven of tangled, messy wires. So if you're an owner of several power tools and the cables are getting out of control, keep them in order with VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties. Not only will this keep wires neat, it's a great space-saving tip. 

How to Keep Power Tool Cables Tidy

Wrap up long, bulky extension cords

If you're the owner of long, bulky extension cords that get dumped in your garage until you're ready to use them next, here's a handy cable organisation tip that will also save space. Wrap each one up with VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties and then hang them from a hook on the wall. 

Garage Cable Organisation

...In your kitchen/utility room

Wrap up appliance cables

Next up, kitchen appliance cables! If your worktops are littered with cables from your microwave, coffee machine, kettle, toaster, etc, simply wrap up any excess wiring with VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties. This will keep them neat and tidy (and most importantly, hidden!) to clear space on your worktops.

How to Keep Cables Tidy in the Kitchen 

Wrap up your iron wire when it's not in use

Last but not least is your iron! Chances are the cable is left in a tangled mess when your iron is not in use but this cable organising tip will keep it neat and save space. Wrap it up with a  VELCRO® Brand Cable Tie so it's always tidy and ready to use.

How to Keep Iron Cables Tidy

And that's it! Now you know how to keep cables tidy in every room of your house! Check out our Pinterest boards or stay on our blog for even more organising tips! 


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