Boost Your Productivity With These Office Organisation Ideas

 A messy office leads to a messy mind. And if you find that unnecessary clutter is frequently affecting your productivity, it's time to do something about it!

Whether you work from home or run a business, read on for a few simple office organisation ideas that anyone can implement. Say goodbye to clutter and watch your productivity soar!

Simple office organisation ideas

Stick computer cables to the back of each desk

If you're fed up of computer cables cluttering the space underneath your desk (and getting your feet stuck in them when you stretch your legs out), here's a simple solution.

Stick loose computer cables to the back of your desk with VELCRO® Brand Adhesive Backed Cable Wraps and they'll never get in the way again!

Office Organisation Idea 

Wrap up phone and laptop charger cables

If you're forever untangling charger cables when you need to use them, try this handy organisation hack. Wrap them up with VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties after every use and they'll never get tangled again!

Office Organisation Idea 

Tidy your desk drawer

If your desk drawers are jam-packed full of random odds and ends, it's time to have a clear out. Get rid of anything you don't use and bundle up lose items with VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties. You'll be much more productive when you don't have to root through your desk drawers to find what you need!  

Go paperless!

Going paperless is the ultimate way to free yourself of clutter in the office - and it's super easy. Only print things out when it's absolutely necessary and if you need to leave yourself a reminder, hang up a whiteboard with VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape instead of using sticky notes. 

Office Organisation Idea

 Ready to start organising your office? Tag us in a photo on Instagram if you have a go at any of these tips. And for more organisation ideas, check out our Pinterest profile or stay on our blog! 

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