How to Hide Wires & Accessories on a Wall Mounted TV

So you've installed your wall mounted TV and now you want to know how to hide the wires and accessories to create a clean, organised look.

Look no further! In this helpful guide, we'll show you how to hide wires on a wall mounted TV, plus share our clever tips and tricks for organising other TV accessories.

How to hide TV wires

Hiding TV wires is surprisingly easy! On a wall mounted TV, the biggest problem is messy wires dangling down from the back of your television. But this problem can be solved easily with a pack of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Reusable Ties!

Wrap up each wire to shorten it and then secure it in place with one of our reusable cable ties. They even come in different colours so you can colour-code each wire. 

How to Hide TV Wires

How to hide your cable box

The easiest place to hide a cable box is on the back of your wall mounted TV. We'd recommend using VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Strips to secure it in place - they can hold up to 7kg per 50 x 100mm strip so they'll provide a secure, long-term hold. But you'll be able to peel the cable box off the back of the TV whenever you need to access it.

How to Hide a Cable Box 

How to organise your TV remote

Are you always losing your TV remote down the side of the sofa? Try this clever TV remote organisation hack! Give it a proper home by sticking it to the side of the TV using VELCRO® Brand Stick On Tape. Peel it off whenever you need it - but just remember to put it back!

How to Organise Your TV Remote 

Stay on our blog for more home organisation tips and tricks!

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