How to Declutter Your Bedroom

Need help decluttering your bedroom? You're in the right place! 

We've already given you a brief overview about how to declutter your home room by room, so today we're going into depth about how to declutter your bedroom! 

Bedrooms are for sleep and relaxation but they can easily become a dumping ground for laundry and other miscellaneous odds and ends. And a messy bedroom isn't conducive to a good night's sleep... It's much easier to fall asleep in a calm, clutter-free room. 

Read on to find out how to achieve a clean, organised and clutter-free bedroom in ten easy steps (and remember, this doesn't all need to be done in one day). 

How to Declutter Your Bedroom

10 easy ways to declutter your bedroom

Step 1: Start with your bed

Not sure where to start decluttering your bedroom? Start with your bed. Remove any excess pillows or throws that look nice but clutter your room when you throw them on the floor before you get into bed. 

Step 2: Declutter your wardrobe/closet

Now to tackle your wardrobe. Take everything out and sort it into three piles - keep, donate or put into storage. Keep the in-season clothes that you wear regularly in your wardrobe and then pack away anything that's out of season. And anything that you haven't worn for at least six months? Donate it to a charity shop. 

Step 3: Tidy your bedside table

Is your bedside table covered in clutter? Then it's time for a tidy up. As a general rule, the surface of your bedside table should only hold the essentials (i.e. lamp, alarm clock, glass of water, etc). Any items that you don't need to have to hand will be a distraction when you're trying to sleep so keep items on your bedside table to a minimum. 

Step 4: Repack your drawers

Do you open your chest of drawers to find unfolded clothes shoved into drawers in an unorderly mess? Then take everything out and put it back in using the Marie Kondo folding method. Your drawers will look neater, you'll save space and your clothes won't come out of the drawer creased. 

Step 5: Get rid of unused/broken items

An easy way to declutter your bedroom fast is to remove any unused or broken items. That broken alarm clock that you've been meaning to fix for months but haven't got round to it? It's just cluttering your bedroom so get rid of it. 

How to Declutter Your Bedroom

Step 6: Remove all screens

As a rule of thumb, your room should only contain the essentials and as part of the bedroom decluttering process, anything that's a distraction when you're trying to sleep should be removed. That goes for TVs, laptops, tablets and if you're really serious about sleep, even your mobile phone.

Step 7: Tidy all wires and cables

Messy wires and cables are unnecessary clutter, and an easy way to declutter your bedroom is to tidy them up. Grab a pack of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Reusable Ties and wrap up all mobile phone chargers, hairdryer cables, headphones, etc. You'll surprised how much neater your bedroom looks and feels when it's not cluttered with messy cables. 

Step 8: Remove any unnecessary furniture

If you feel like furniture takes up most of the space in your bedroom, take a step back and see if there's anything you can remove. You may not need that extra storage unit anymore.

Step 9: Be selective with what you store under the bed

One of our best tips for decluttering your bedroom is don't just store all your clutter under the bed. Be selective with what you store there to avoid a build-up of junk. For example, use the drawers under your bed to store towels, bedding or out of season clothes. And stick to that.  

Step 10: Get into better habits

Decluttering is one thing; ensuring your bedroom remains clutter-free is another. So once you've decluttered your bedroom, it's important to start forming new habits straight away to ensure it stays decluttered. 

The easiest way to do this is to make an effort to form new habits (i.e. put clothes away straight away instead of throwing them on the floor). 

How to Declutter Your Bedroom

Decluttering your bedroom tips

To successfully declutter your bedroom, follow these simple tips to make sure the process goes smoothly: 

  • Don't declutter the whole room at once; to avoid feeling overwhelmed, break the job down into smaller tasks.
  • Once the initial decluttering is done, spend an additional 30 minutes per week decluttering to avoid a mess building up.
  • Allocate the most time to decluttering your wardrobe - this is usually the source of most clutter so be prepared for it to be a time-consuming task!

Ready to start organising and decluttering? Let us know if you have any good tips of your own for tidying your bedroom or stay on our blog for more easy ways to declutter your home: 


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