Best STEM Toys for Kids Aged 3-5

 If you're looking for toy ideas for pre-schoolers, there's no doubt that you will have heard the buzzword 'STEM'. It stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and it's one of the biggest trends in kids' toys. 

So what's the reason for all the hype around STEM toys? In a nutshell, they're great for your child's development. They help develop motor skills, boost your child's imagination and prepare them for a career in innovation (amongst many other reasons).  

So if you think a STEM toy sounds like a good birthday present or Christmas gift idea for your son, daughter, niece or nephew, check out our round-up of the best STEM toys in 2018!

Best STEM toys for kids

VELCRO® Brand Blocks T-Rex

First up is the VELCRO® Brand Blocks T-Rex! This bright and colourful STEM building toy will let your child's imagination run wild while they're developing their fine motor skills! Each block is made from soft foam and it's a rawr-some gift for any pre-schooler!

VELCRO® Brand Blocks T-Rex - STEM Toy VELCRO® Brand Blocks Stegosaurus

Any child who loves dinosaurs will love the VELCRO® Brand Blocks Stegosaurus! Kids can take this building block toy apart and put it back together again for hours of creative play - or combine it with other building toys in the set to make a completely new creation!

VELCRO® Brand Blocks Stegosaurus - STEM Toy

VELCRO® Brand Blocks Triceratops

Also in our range of dinosaur toys is this totally rawr-some VELCRO® Brand Blocks Triceratops! The soft foam blocks that stick together with hook and loop fasteners make it a great STEM toy for pre-schoolers and if you're concerned about your child's screen time, this is a great alternative to playing on phones and tablets.

VELCRO® Brand Blocks Triceratops - STEM Toy VELCRO® Brand Blocks Jumbo Robot

Kids are going nuts and bolts for the VELCRO® Brand Blocks Jumbo Robot - and parents love that it encourages play time away from screens. Not to mention this STEM learning toy lets kids have fun while they're developing their building skills.

VELCRO® Brand Blocks Jumbo Robot 

VELCRO® Brand Blocks Robot

STEM building toys don't get much more fun than the VELCRO® Brand Blocks Robot! The soft foam building blocks connect together with hook and loop fasteners and pre-schoolers will have hours of fun taking it apart and putting it back together again!

VELCRO® Brand Blocks Robot - STEM Toy 

VELCRO® Brand Blocks Doggy Robot

The VELCRO® Brand Blocks Doggy Robot is a child's best friend! Not to mention, it's a great way too develop your child's problem-solving skills as they take it apart and put it back together again.


VELCRO® Brand Blocks Doggy Robot - STEM Toy 

VELCRO® Brand Blocks Construction Set

Boys and girls with big imaginations will love a VELCRO® Brand Blocks Construction Set! One of the best STEM toys in 2018, this soft foam construction set lets your child be creative and prepare for a career in innovation. And it's great fun! 

VELCRO® Brand Blocks Construction Set

And that's our round-up of the best STEM toys for 2018! If you think a VELCRO® Brand Blocks Toy would be a great birthday present or Christmas gift idea for your child, check out the full range here or stay on our blog to read more about why all parents should buy STEM toys!  


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  • This is a great fun STEM toy for kids. This was purchased as a birthday gift for my 3-year-old son. I thought the velcro would make it easier for him to put it together. Truthfully, I don’t know if it’s because my grandson is hyper, unable to focus, or perhaps a little dumb, but I would recommend this for an older kid (5-10) because you can’t really make anything but this robot with this kit. Because of that, you need to follow the pictured instructions to construct the robot and in my experience, a 2-3-year-old just wants to stick things together and break them apart. My 9-year-old son sat there and put it together while really enjoying himself. He had to problem solve, get creative, and really focus on the step by step instructions to make sure he put it together correctly.
    I love the toy because it is a toy that creates fun without batteries or unnecessary noise, lights, and sounds.

    Brian Clair
  • Hi I have ordered the Velcro blocks Triceratops advertised as buy one get one free but couldn’t work out how to claim the free item my order number is #VEL13727 please advise thank you

    Paula Levens

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