How to Hang Pictures Flush Against the Wall

When pictures are hung on the wall, they tend to lean forward under their own weight. This doesn't look particularly good and risks leaving marks. Read on for our top tips for hanging pictures flush against the wall. 

How to hang a picture frame flat on the wall 

Don't use nails or screws

To ensure your picture hangs flat against the wall, avoid using nails or screws at all costs. Not only do they leave holes in your walls but they don't distribute the weight of the frame evenly against the wall. Ever noticed that pictures hung with nails or screws tend to lean forwards at the top? 

We'd recommend using removable picture hanging strips instead - they're strong enough to hang heavy pictures and they allow you to create more touch points with the wall (and therefore achieve a flusher finish). 

Tips for Hang Pictures Flush Against a Wall

Take measurements

Before you attach any picture hanging strips to your frame, stop and take measurements. Mark the spot where you'll stick a picture hanging strip in each corner of the frame to make sure the weight of the frame is distributed evenly.

Attach picture hanging strips

Stick a set of picture hanging strips in each corner of the frame, then remove the release liner and press the frame firmly against the wall for 30 seconds. 

Then slide the frame up and off the wall (leaving one half of each set of strips attached to the wall). Wait one hour while the adhesive bonds with the frame and the wall.

How to Hang Pictures Flush Against the Wall

Press firmly against the wall

Last but not least, after one hour, reattach the frame to the picture hanging strips on the wall and press down firmly.

How to Hang Pictures Flat on a Wall

Step back

Due to the even distribution of the picture hanging strips, you should step back to find your picture hung flush against the wall! 

This method of hanging a picture flat against the wall could not be easier and the added bonus is that it won't damage your walls either (the strips peel off cleanly when you're ready to remove them). 

Pictures Hung Flush Against a Wall

Check out the range of VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips here or stay on our blog for more picture hanging tips and tricks!


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