Keep Kids Entertained for Hours & DIY A Busy Bag

Keep your little ones entertained for hours with this easy DIY busy bag for toddlers.

In this intermediate sewing tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a busy bag with our VELCRO® Brand Sew On Fasteners.

Perfect for parents on the go, this busy bag allows you to take your kid’s activities, like coloring books and more, from errand to errand, leaving your kids enriched and happy!


What You’ll Need:

Materials Busy Bag

  • Cotton fabric – 2 colors, 1/2 meter of each
  • Fusible interfacing – 1/2 meter
  • VELCRO® Brand Sew On Fasteners
  • Clear vinyl – 8 gauge, 1/2 meter
  • Webbing for straps – 1/2 meter
  • Bias tape – double-wide bias tape (69cm)
  • Sewing supplies – Sewing Machine, Thread, etc
  • Disappearing fabric ink pen
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Quilting clips (optional)


PREP YOUR CRAFT: Cut your pieces

  • Main and lining fabric – 2 pieces 73cm L x 34cm W
  • Fusible interfacing – 2 pieces 73cm L x 34cm W
  • Clear vinyl – 1 piece 55cm L x 34cm W
  • VELCRO® Brand Sew On Fasteners – 2 pieces 30cm long
  • Webbing – 2 pieces 40cm long
  • Bias tape – 2 pieces 34cm long

*Remember that pins will leave holes in the vinyl, so pin carefully.


The Interfacing

STEP 1: Fuse the interfacing to the main and lining fabrics’ wrong sides.

 Step 1 Busy Bag

STEP 2: Turn and fold the short end’s in a 1cm. This is for both the main and lining pieces. Press in place with an iron.

Step 2 busy bag 


The Vinyl Pockets

STEP 3: Place the clear vinyl on your work surface. Cut to length 30cm of hook and loop on the vinyl (see image below). Then place on opposite sides of the fabric. 

 Step 3 Busy Bag

Secure with pins or clips and stitch the VELCRO® Brand Tape down. 


Repeat this process on the opposite edge of the vinyl.


STEP 4: To make sure the vinyl fabric doesn’t rip, cover the raw edges with bias tape. Place the tape along the short sides, covering the fastener’s ends. 


Secure with pins or clips and sew in place. Don’t forget to cut off any excess bias tape!


STEP 5: To construct the pockets, you’ll want to sandwich your fabric. The vinyl fabric should be placed between the lining and outer fabrics, making sure the VELCRO® Brand Tape is facing down. Pin or clip in place.

 Step 5 Busy Bag

STEP 6: Now it's time for the fun part! Stitch the long sides together, leaving a 1cm seam and backstitch each end.

 Step 6 Busy Bag

Next, gently pull the fabric right side out. 



The Strap

STEP 7: To make the straps, decide on the length and make sure the straps can be folded under the bag at least a 1cm. 


Measure inwards 7cm from each side and insert the webbing strap—pin in place. 

 Step 7 Busy Bag

Stitch along the end to secure the straps. Repeat this step to make the second strap.


The Final Touches

STEP 8: To create the bottom of the bag, find the bag’s center, mark it and stitch the line. 

 Step 8 Busy Bag

And that’s it! Your kids will be overjoyed with this DIY busy bag!


If you’d like to try this sewing tutorial yourself, pick up a pack of VELCRO® Brand Sew On Fasteners. And for more easy sewing projects, stay on our blog!


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