DIY Snowman Wine Bottle Cover

Searching for a new way to wrap your presents? Well then look no further! Our snowman wine bottle cover is the perfect alternative to wrapping paper. This cute little character can easily be crafted from scraps around your home and will give your gifts that extra festive touch.

Simply download our free printable, grab a pack of VELCRO® Brand Stick On for Fabrics and follow the steps below to make your festive bottle cover!

DIY Snowman Wine Bottle Cover 


The first thing you need to do is make sure you’ve got everything you need for the craft. Below is a list of everything that we used, you can of course change the colours and types of materials that we used to personalise your snowman. This is a great craft on a budget if you have a few old jumpers lying around!

What You Need


First you’ll need to figure out how much material is required to wrap around the bottle you’re gifting. Bottles come in all shapes and sizes so the best way to measure your bottle is to get a piece of string and wrap it around it (or you could do this with the material you’re using, which is what we did).

When you've worked out how much material you need to wrap around the bottle, add an extra 5cm (it needs to be slightly wider than the circumference of the bottle so that you've got enough room to stick the fabric tape later). For the height, simply measure your wine bottle and decide how much of it you want to wrap.

DIY Snowman Wine Bottle Cover Step 2

Then we’re going to use VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics Tape to create a fastener at the back of the bottle wrap. 

Take the tape and measure how much you need using your cut material. For the best results, leave a small gap around 1 cm from the top, bottom and side of the material as shown below. Once you have the right length, make sure you cut the same amount of tape in both the hook (the rough side) and the loop (the soft side) so they can stick together well.

Then stick the hook tape in place on your material and stick the loop tape to the hook. Then remove the liner of the loop tape (that’s on top) and simply roll your bottle, wrapped in the material around onto the adhesive.

DIY Snowman Wine Bottle Cover Step 1

Once you’ve done this, carefully pull apart the hook and loop from each other and leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Next, you'll need your printable templates. So cut out the snowman shapes and use them as a guide to cut out our snowman’s arms and hat. 

DIY Snowman Wine Bottle Cover Step 3

We used a light brown hessian material for the arms and then a woolly brown jumper for the hat.

DIY Snowman Wine Bottle Cover Step 4

Stick the VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics Tape to the back of the hat as shown below. Again, you’ll need to make sure you cut the same amount of hook and loop tape, then simply stick the hook to loop and apply the hat to the bottle cover. You’ll need to do the same for the arms too.

DIY Snowman Wine Bottle Cover Step 5

We took 2 of the loop VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics Black Ovals and used those as buttons! Then simply tie a pretty ribbon around the bottle wrap below the hat. And ta-dah! You have a cute little snowman bottle wrap to gift at Christmas.

DIY Snowman Wine Bottle Cover Step 6

DIY Snowman Wine Bottle Cover Step 7

We hope you enjoyed this Christmas craft!

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