How to Store Christmas Lights and Prevent Tangling

Putting up your Christmas decorations is one of the most magical parts of the festive season. But unfortunately, untangling last year's Christmas lights can be a long, aggravating job.

Thankfully, a little forward planning can help stop this frustrating situation occurring again next year! Read on for three clever ways to store your Christmas lights that will mean you never have to untangle a wire ever again. 

3 easy ways to store Christmas lights

1. Wrap them up with cable ties

If you don't wrap up your Christmas lights before you put them away, you're asking for trouble. So use this easy Christmas lights storage tip when you take your decorations down and you'll thank us next year - wrap them up with VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties which can be cut to size to keep your lights neat and tidy while they're in storage. These ties are reusable year after year and you can easily cut them down to the size you need!

VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties

2. Wrap them round a piece of cardboard

Got lots of empty boxes lying around after Christmas? Put them to good use by cutting out a large square piece and wrapping your Christmas lights around it to prevent tangling.  

Store Christmas Lights with Cardboard

3. Wrap them round an old wrapping paper tube

Chances are you'll also have loads of wrapping paper tubes lying around after Christmas too. So instead of throwing them out, recycle them as Christmas lights storage. Simply roll your Christmas lights around the cardboard tube and secure each end in place with a VELCRO® Brand Cable Tie to prevent them unravelling while in storage.

Store Christmas Lights around a Wrapping Paper Tube  

Let us know if you have any other clever hacks for storing Christmas lights! Discover the whole range of VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties here or stay on our blog for more Christmas ideas! 


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