What to Do in the Garden in November

It's November! The days are getting shorter and the weather's getting colder.

So this month the focus shifts from planting and growing to protecting plants and structures from the wilder weather to come. 

Read on to find out which essential November gardening jobs you should be doing this month! 

Raise pots off the ground

It's important to protect potted plants from water logging this month by raising them off the ground. You can do this using bricks or 'pot feet'. 

November Gardening Jobs

Put away garden hoses

With freezing weather coming, it's time to gather up your outdoor garden hose, drain it of water, and store it in a dry place for winter.

The best place for this is a garage, shed, or basement. Wind up the hose and secure it with a VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tie. Then use VELCRO® Brand Easy Hang® Straps to hang it from a post, wall hook, or ceiling. 

Shed Organisation - Garden Hose

Remove fallen leaves

Make sure you regularly remove fallen leaves from your lawn to keep it healthy. Left on your lawn, they will harbour fungal spores and create hiding places for slugs and snails. It's best to remove them and put them in a compost bin. 

November Gardening Jobs List

Organise your gardening tools

Floor space is at a premium inside your garden shed and garage - particularly during the autumn and winter when most gardening tools are in storage. 

Hanging as many garden accessories on the wall as possible is the key to staying organised! VELCRO® Brand Easy Hang® Straps come in three different sizes and are ideal for hanging watering cans and other tools on the wall. 

Shed Organisation - Watering Can

Ready to start your November gardening jobs? Pick up a pack of VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties before you get started or stay on our blog for more gardening tips and advice! 


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