What to Do in the Garden in June

June is prime time for gardening - the sun's out, the temperature is warm (for the most part!) and growing season for plants is in full swing. 

So if you're feeling green-fingered, check out our list of the essential jobs to do in the garden in June! 

What to do in the garden this month

Support plants as they grow

Hanging baskets and containers are great for growing climbing vines, such as mandevilla, black eyed Susan vine and ivy, up, out or over a trellis or railing on a deck or balcony.

June is prime growing season so to keep the vines heading in the right direction as they grow, use VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties to attach them to the support structure.

Support Vines on a Trellis

Be water-wise

If the warm, summer weather has led to a drought, be mindful of how much water you use in the garden and cut down on hosepipe use. 

What to Do in the Garden in June - Be Water Wise

Keep on top of garden organisation

Hand tools, such as cultivators, trowels and weeders often get tossed aside as you work and get forgotten. Keep track of your hand tools with VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape.

Attach the fastener to the plastic handle of your tool and to the side of a raised bed, garden post or wooden fence in the garden. The next time you're looking for your hand tool in the garden, it will be right there.

Gardening Tools

Mow your lawn at least once a week

At this time of year, your grass will be actively growing and needs regular mowing to keep it in good health. 

June Gardening Jobs - Mow the Lawn

Keep weeds under control

The best way to have less weeds in your garden is to weed early and often. Use a sharp, flat-bladed hoe to cut and kill annual weeds, such as pigweed and chickweed, just below the soil line. Dig out perennial weeds, such as dandelion and burdock, with a pointed end weeder to pull out the roots.

Weed as close to large perennial plants as possible and use VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties attached to a stake to temporarily pull back bushy perennials as you weed so you won't harm them.

What to Do in the Garden in June - Weeding

Ready to get out into the garden? Comment below if you have any other good gardening tips for June or stay on our blog for more expert gardening advice! 


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