What To Do in the Garden in May

Summer's just around the corner and the days are getting longer and warmer, which is great news for gardeners.

Gardening season gets into full swing in May, so read on to find out which gardening jobs should be top of your priority list this month!

Essential May gardening jobs

Mow the lawn

As the weather warms up, your grass will be growing strongly. It's recommended to cut the grass once a week throughout the summer months as lawnmowers tend to struggle to cut longer grass. 

Stake new trees

Place your stake close to the tree trunk and use VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties to attach the stake to the tree so the tree can still gently rock back and forth.

VELCRO® Brand Tree Ties

Prop up bushy perennial flowers

The weight of flowers can cause them to flop over. Place four stakes around your plant and use VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties to wrap around the stems.

Get weeds under control

Plants thrive at this time of year, which means that weeds do too. Keep them under control by hoeing your borders and vegetable garden at least once a week.  

Support container vines

Use VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties to attach vining plants to their supports so your flowers grow vertical and strong.

Grape Plant

Create a funky wall garden

Hang unusual pots such as watering cans or tin cans on an outdoor wall with VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tape and fill them with potting soil and flowers.

DIY Vertical Herb Garden

Ready to get out into the garden? Comment below if you have any other good gardening tips for May or stay on our blog for more expert gardening advice!

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