How to Use Less Plastic in Your Garden

Plastic can be a very useful material in the garden but it comes at a high cost to wildlife and the environment.

Like many gardeners, if you’re keen to do your bit for the planet, read on for our top tips on how to reduce the single-use plastic in your garden.

How to reduce the plastic in your garden

Start using reusable ties

Reducing your single-use plastic consumption is all about making small steps, such as swapping your usual plastic garden ties for our sustainable garden ties. They’re made from 65% recycled plastic and can be used again and again to help reduce the amount of plastic you send to landfill.

Recycled Plastic Garden Ties

Swap plastic pots for terracotta pots

How many plant pots do you have in your garden? And how many of them are plastic?

A simple swap that will get you one step closer to a plastic-free garden is to use terracotta pots instead of plastic ones.

Plastic Swaps in the Garden - Terracotta Pots

Make your own compost to avoid buying it in plastic bags

If you regularly buy compost in plastic bags, stop and make your own instead. All you need is a compost bin in a sunny corner of the garden and an equal mix of nitrogen and carbon-rich waste.

Plastic Free Gardening - Homemade Compost

Use a metal watering can instead of a plastic one

Next time you buy a new watering can go for a metal one instead of a plastic one. That way, when it’s time to buy a new one, the material can be recycled.

How to Use Less Plastic in Your Garden

Swap plastic tools for metal or wooden tools

How much thought do you put into the gardening tools you use? Next time you buy a new trowel or shovel, make sure it’s made from metal or wood instead of plastic.

Plastic Free Gardening Tools

Ready to start gardening without single-use plastic? Pick up a pack of our new VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Garden Ties (made from 65% recycled material) and stay on our blog for more expert gardening tips! 

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