How to Grow a Lime Tree in the UK

Think of lime trees and you're more likely to think of the warm, sunny climates of California and the Mediterranean than the cool British Isles.

But even though citrus fruits aren't native to the UK, they can still be grown here. Grow them in pots that can be left outside during the warmer summer months and bring them inside for the winter. Read on for our tips and advice!


 To successfully grow a lime tree in the UK, you'll need a sunny position outdoors (such as a sun-trap patio) and a frost-free greenhouse or conservatory where you can keep your plant safe over the colder months. All citrus plants thrive in warm, sunny conditions but they can survive in surprisingly cool temperatures too. 

You'll need to plant your lime tree in nutrient-rich soil that has free draining (waterlogged soil is bad). You can pot a lime tree at any time of year and should gradually increase the size of the pot as your tree grows. 

Pruning & support

Lime trees are fairly low maintenance plants that only need minimal pruning. Support young stems by tying them to a bamboo cane with a VELCRO® Brand Plant Tie, which you can adjust as your lime tree grows. 

Feeding and watering

Lime trees, like all citrus plants, need regular feeding. Use high nitrogen citrus summer feed from March to October then switch to a winter feed that is specific to citrus plants for the rest of the year. 

Water your lime tree regularly in summer (ideally with rainwater) and in winter, allow the soil to partially dry out before watering. 

How to Grow a Lime Tree

Let us know if you have any more tips for growing lime trees in the comments! And for more gardening tips, stay on our blog! 


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