Different Ways to Hang Bunting

Whether you're throwing a birthday party, decorating a child's bedroom or getting married, bunting is a lovely way to decorate. But it can be a pain to hang it on the wall without leaving holes or marks. 

Read on for different ways to hang bunting (including clever ways that won't damage the walls). 

How to Hang Bunting

Use drawing pins

Using drawing pins is one of the most popular ways to hang bunting. They do the job but leaving holes in the wall is not ideal. 

Use them if you must, but before you put holes in your walls, bear in mind that there are other damage-free options to consider. 

How to Hang Bunting Without Damaging the Walls

Tie it to existing structures

If possible, hang your bunting without pins by tying it to existing structures. For example, if you're throwing a garden party, you could hang your bunting across the garden from tree to tree, or fence post to fence post. 

This is a really easy way to hang bunting in a way that won't damage the walls - plus, it's a more interesting way to decorate!

How to Hang Bunting in the Garden

Adhesive hooks

Last but not least is our favourite way to hang bunting: adhesive hooks. They're absolutely ideal for hanging bunting on a wall; VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Adhesive Hooks stick on the wall securely and peel off easily when your party's over, leaving no holes, marks or damage. 

Hang Bunting With Adhesive Hooks

We hope this post has helped you decide how to hang your bunting! Stay on our blog for more clever ways to use VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Adhesive Hooks


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